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A golden decade for precious metals

Already in 2008, we came to the conclusion that gold and selected gold mining shares belong in every investment portfolio in times of uncovered paper money currencies. For the coming decade, as in the 1970s, we foresee a golden decade for precious metals. Gold and silver mining companies will profit exponentially from this, and we focus on their selection and financing like no other company in the German-speaking world.

Private Placements

Through our contacts with numerous CEOs in the mining industry, we can provide investors with access to financing (so-called private placements) that would otherwise be closed to private investors. The special conditions of these financings (discounts at the current market price of the share; additional bonus shares) make a noticeable difference in performance compared to buying the shares on the stock exchange.

Doubled share price potential

Companies reward your participation in private placements with warrants, which allow you to profit twice as much when share prices rise.

Preferential conditions

Due to our market position, we can specify the conditions for financing. This provides you with additional performance advantages compared to buying the shares on the stock exchange.

Investment seal

Before making an investment decision, we review management and projects to ensure quality and upside potential.


As German Mining Networks we participate in every Private Placement presented here with a significant amount of investment ourselves.

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Our Investments

Artemis Gold IPO financing
Metallic Minerals Private Placement

Viscount Mining Private Placement

Winston Gold Private Placement

The people behind GMN

Andreas Becker and Peter Krah: : the founders, shareholders and managing directors of German Mining Networks at the “Private Placement Days” organized by GMN in Vaduz, Liechtenstein.

For more than a decade, the gold mining sector has been our passion and in times of rising gold prices, it is more in demand than ever before.

With excellent networks in Canada and Australia and the experience of over 10,000 one-on-one interviews with CEOs, we are able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

We have identified excellent management teams that consistently deliver several 100% returns to their shareholders.

Through our contacts, we enable private investors to invest in the form of private placements in precisely those gold and silver mining companies and profit disproportionately from their success.

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