Artemis­ak­tio­näre der ersten Stunde freuen sich aktuell über exakt 500% Kurs­plus, Teil­nehmer am Börsen­gang dank des Warrants bei $1,08 sogar über 1.000% und selbst Inves­toren des $2,75 Finan­cings sitzen auf Gewinnen von 118%. Warum das noch lange nicht das Ende ist, zeigen wir in diesem Update zu Artemis Gold. Unseren ersten Artikel zu dieser Aktie vom 13.09.2020 finden Sie hier.

Page 3 of the current presen­ta­tion (link) shows the compa­rison of Artemis Gold with Atlantic Gold (2015–2019), also managed by Steven Dean. At that time, Atlantic Gold share­hol­ders were rewarded with 1,129% perfor­mance over 4.5 years. If we draw the compa­rison with Artemis Gold, we can see from the chart below that we are at the very begin­ning of the deve­lo­p­ment phase of the Black­water project. In this phase, a lot of risk is being taken out of the project (de-risking) through “Pre-Construc­tion Grade-Control Dril­ling”, another explo­ra­tion program as well as “Permit­ting”. The market is gradu­ally rewar­ding this with a higher valua­tion and rising prices of Artemis Gold.

Current valua­tion

Mining compa­nies are often valued with their P/NAV = share price in rela­tion to net asset value. Artemis is still trading at a signi­fi­cant discount to compa­rable compa­nies (0.37 to 0.61 on average and 0.95 to Pure Gold). This shows the catch-up poten­tial even within a group of compa­rable mining compa­nies that are curr­ently deve­lo­ping a resource deposit towards production.

News Flow 2021

With metall­ur­gical test work already underway (link), addi­tional dril­ling of 35,000m (link) and events planned in the 2021 time­line below, you can see that manage­ment is on the move. As with Atlantic Gold, Steven Dean + Team is known for achie­ving targets on time and even excee­ding market expec­ta­tions. We have no reason to believe this will be any diffe­rent with Artemis. You can expect a lot of news in 2021 that will attract more inves­tors, espe­cially insti­tu­tional inves­tors to the stock. This means more trading volume and, above all, higher share prices.

Conclu­sion: The team around Steven Dean will not tire of pushing the project forward and provi­ding posi­tive news to the market until the start of construc­tion in Q2 2022. We see a 100% upside poten­tial and a share price of $12 until the start of construc­tion. Above that, we esti­mate prices of $20 as realistic with the achie­ve­ment of full commer­cial produc­tion and rising gold prices. More on this in the first update on Artemis Gold in 2021.