The following analysis will show you how you can achieve signi­fi­cant outper­for­mance against the DAX and stan­dard gold mine ETFs by actively selec­ting quali­ta­tive gold mine stocks. In no other sector does manage­ment excel­lence gene­rate as much addi­tional profit as in the mining sector, as the example of this pensioner shows. Initial situa­tion: In the context of our GMN Gold Coaching we started consul­ting a high net worth indi­vi­dual with a port­folio of €343,000 at the begin­ning of this year. Based on our top 10 list, the port­folio was rest­ruc­tured and invested in higher quality stocks, which we are convinced to be well managed. As of October 1, 2020: The investor is pleased to have assets worth €850,640 thanks to several private place­ments (link), the Artemis Gold (link) and the shares of our top 10 list.

Detailed analysis: The pensioner has thus achieved a perfor­mance of 148% in less than 6 months. If he had held on to his original port­folio (yellow line above) without a detailed analysis of the raw mate­rial depo­sits and manage­ment, his perfor­mance would have been only 40%. This results in a perfor­mance diffe­rence of 108% or €370,400.

Compared to the DAX (19%) or Dow Jones (14%), our investor’s gold mining port­folio outper­formed the DAX (19%) by 148% and the Dow Jones (14%) by 129% and 134% respec­tively. Even an addi­tion of 20% of our stocks to an exis­ting ETF port­folio on the DAX & Dow Jones would have yielded a return of 43%. Gold Coaching: Within the scope of our “Gold Coaching” you can benefit from our contacts and our exper­tise in the mining sector. We will discuss your asset ques­tions and invest­ment topics and help you to ideally posi­tion your port­folio for the current golden decade. Please contact us by e‑mail ( for a first tele­phone conversation.

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