We would like to show you how a career starter managed to increase his invested capital sixfold since April 2020 in the context of our GMN Gold Coaching.

Gold Coaching: We show the 26-year-old career starter our top 10 list for a 1st entry in the gold mining sector. He then invests almost €20,000 in 3 stocks: Pan American Silver (PAAS), Auryn Resources (AUG) and our Artemis Gold (ARTG). These stocks are performing very well. After just 2 months there is a 100% profit and the capital is trans­ferred to a new stock (Tudor Gold (TUD)). Again, the stocks are deve­lo­ping posi­tively thanks to the strong gold price rally in the summer. The capital has now grown to €100,000.

Private Place­ments: After these initial expe­ri­ences and profits, the young profes­sional now completes his first private placement in Viscount Mining (VML). With 100% perfor­mance in VML after just 1 month, 3 more place­ments follow in August, financed by the purchase of the Gold Coaching posi­tions. This amounts to a total of €80.000 (after tax) of reinvested capital.In November the young profes­sional can look forward to a deposit of €120.000. If the warrants received through the private place­ments are taken into account, we even arrive at a current market value of €150,000.This is a good example of what is possible in a short time in the gold mining sector, if focused invest­ments are made and the advan­tages of private place­ments are used. We are sure that this new investor will very soon have a port­folio volume of €500,000 and that we will be able to accom­pany him to his first million.

Gold Coaching

Within the scope of our “Gold Coaching” you can benefit from our contacts and our exper­tise in the mining sector. We will discuss your asset ques­tions and invest­ment topics and help you to ideally posi­tion your port­folio for the current golden decade. Please contact us by e‑mail (pp@german-mining.com) for a first tele­phone conversation.