In this article we would like to explain you the process of private place­ments. Espe­cially because of the perfor­mance advan­tages as compared to buying on the stock exchange, you should be fami­liar with this procedure.


  1. GMN gives you an intro­duc­tory presen­ta­tion of the private placement.
  2. You provide us with the desired allo­ca­tion of the number of shares in the private placement.
  3. The placement docu­ment is prepared by us and sent to you for your signature.
  4. You sign the placement docu­ment and send it back to us. Subse­quently, you transfer the money to the company in Canada.
  5. GMN closes the finan­cing and sends the share and warrants to you by mail.
  6. After a holding period of 4 months, the warrants are exer­cised (if in the money) and shares are sold on the stock exchange.

Subse­quently, you can parti­ci­pate in a new placement to build up a whole port­folio of warrants. This enables you to parti­ci­pate in the upside poten­tial of the mining sector without having to deposit your own capital.

GMN Private Placement-List

If you would like to parti­ci­pate in the next private placement toge­ther with us and our inves­tors, please sign up for our private placement list via this link.