Procedure of Private Placements

In this article we would like to explain you the process of private placements. Especially because of the performance advantages as compared to buying on the stock exchange, you should be familiar with this procedure.

1. GMN gives you an introductory presentation of the private placement.
2. You provide us with the desired allocation of the number of shares in the private placement.
3. The placement document is prepared by us and sent to you for your signature.
4. You sign the placement document and send it back to us. Subsequently, you transfer the money to the company in Canada.
5. GMN closes the financing and sends the share and warrants to you by mail.
6. After a holding period of 4 months, the warrants are exercised (if in the money) and shares are sold on the stock exchange.

Subsequently, you can participate in a new placement to build up a whole portfolio of warrants. This enables you to participate in the upside potential of the mining sector without having to deposit your own capital.

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