We expect silver prices to rise rapidly in 2021. In order to be perfectly posi­tioned for the upco­ming silver price rally, we present to you 3 stocks, all of which are charac­te­rized by top manage­ment and a high leverage effect on the silver price.

Disovery Metals

If like Eric Sprott, you go for “size”, you’ve come to the right place at Disovery Metals. The company has the largest silver deposit with over 1 billion ounces of silver in the ground. Mark O’Dea and his manage­ment team have already been successful with Pure Gold (PGM). Disco­very Metals is curr­ently valued at $600 million, which is just 60cts per oz silver in the ground. The average is 10% of the metal price, curr­ently $2.50. There is there­fore signi­fi­cant upside poten­tial through both re-rating and explo­ra­tory silver prices.

Metallic Mine­rals

Another top value in the silver sector is Metallic Mine­rals. Nova­gold co-founder Greg Johnson manages the company in the Yukon, adja­cent to Canada’s best silver mine Alexco Resources (AXR). During the 1st silver price rally, the original value of about 10cts rose to over $1. The land package and drill results give the stock the necessary blue-sky poten­tial. Dream big in the Yukon!


The manage­ment team that has had great success with Silver­Crest 1 has created another market darling with Silver­Crest Metals. Promi­nent inves­tors are silver bugs like Eric Sprott. The value is charac­te­rized by excep­tional drill results, a clear produc­tion plan and an outstan­ding finan­cing history. A renewed candi­date for a major deal as was the case with Silver­Crest 1 with First Majestic.

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