Mining shares can be acquired both on the stock exchange and through private placements.

In the following, we have calcu­lated the perfor­mance advan­tages that arise from parti­ci­pa­ting in private place­ments. The example is Viscount Mining, an underva­lued Silver Junior, where we recently parti­ci­pated in the placement at 24cts, while the share itself was already trading at 0.32cts.

As you can see in Table 1, if you had bought Viscount on the stock market, you would have earned only 44%. Due to a more favor­able entry in the private placement (24cts vs. 32cts via the stock exchange), the perfor­mance is already 92% with the share and 58% with the warrants. Warrants have the charac­te­ristic to profit free of charge on further price incre­ases of the share as of a certain mark.

In the case of Viscount, this mark is 32cts; each addi­tional 1ct increase means here (1ct x 50,000 warrants) = 500 CAD addi­tional profit that you do not have when buying the shares on the stock exchange. This repres­ents an unbea­t­able perfor­mance advan­tage that only private place­ments can offer.


  1. Private place­ments enable you to buy shares at a lower price than on the market
  2. Profit twice as much from rising prices through warrants
  3. Invest on the same terms as company foun­ders, insti­tu­tional inves­tors and hedge funds
  4. Secure the best return on your equity

For the reasons mentioned above, we invest exclu­si­vely through private place­ments. Do it now and sign up for our Private Placement News­letter to receive an allo­ca­tion in the next Private Placement.

GMN Private Placements

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