As we already showed in (Why you should only invest through Private Place­ments (PP)), the perfor­mance advan­tages of PPs are obvious. In gold bull markets like the current one, you can achieve such signi­fi­cant perfor­mance diffe­rences which even surprise us. We there­fore compared the perfor­mance of the 5 most popular private place­ments, in which a large number of the inves­tors on our Private Placement list parti­ci­pated, with the conven­tional way of purcha­sing on the stock exchange.

Analysis: With an assumed invest­ment of €50,000 the buyer only obtains €75,609 if purchased the conven­tional way via the stock exchange. When inves­ting in the very same titles via private place­ments, the current assets amount to €114,087. This diffe­rence amounts to €38,478.

As an investor, you are now in the fortu­nate posi­tion to choose from 2 options. a) You remain invested in the current values. The diffe­rence will continue to increase and become more and more signi­fi­cant or b) you sell the shares, keep the warrants of the 5 values and invest in further private place­ments in order to buy shares again at a lower price than on the market and to receive further warrants.

The extreme example of Artemis Gold: Finally, let us turn to an “extreme value analysis”. The initial inves­tors among our inves­tors received Artemis Gold at the IPO for $0.90 inclu­ding a full warrant at $1.08. The share is curr­ently trading at $6.09, which repres­ents a perfor­mance of 1,113% inclu­ding warrants. The stock market perfor­mance is only 509%. The €10,000 becomes €60,900 or by parti­ci­pa­ting in the placement €121,300. Your choice!

GMN Private Placement List

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